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Reach the highest point on the planet or decide to live out of your fantasy by simply standing at the base of Mt. Everest.

The Everest area in Nepal is much more than simply trekking, it's a milestone in anyone's lifetime, and a few have described the encounter as a journey to Heaven. This really is a colony profound settlements, into glaciers, several mountains.

Passing through Sherpa villages that are mythical, the trek is a mixture of religious and cultural expertise along with the one that is.

The trip to Mt. Everest or Everest Base Camp, starts from Lukla if you're carrying a direct flight from Kathmandu. But for enthusiasts of hiking, there's another switchback beginning throughout the mid-hills of Solu/Phaplu or Jiri.

Taking a trip is a time-saver, while hiking from Jiri provides you the chance to take in every detail of this trek, with time to watch that the flora and fauna and meet the people that are enchanting.

The choice from Jiri will approximately take 10 days to make it to the famed Sherpa village, Namche Bazaar. The Sagarmatha National Park in the Khumbu is among the few places with the greatest and the and youngest mountain system on earth.

For people who have enough time, 2 -3 weeks trek through Solu into the Khumbu and the Sagarmatha National Park is a great itinerary both concerning acclimatization and also to experience the changing habits, customs, and lifestyles as you pass through reduced elevation settlements to people from the higher altitudes.

A Component of this temperate environmental zone, the playground has been added to the record of UNESCO Natural World Heritage Sites in1979.

The Everest region was appreciated as the key and is a habitat for several endangered and rare species such as Himalayan black bear, red panda, snow leopard, musk deer, and wolves.

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Generally short treks of duration not more than 10 days with average walking of 4-6 hours a day with maximum altitude gain of 3500m. Suitable for those people who do not have any previous trekking experience, but still want to see the country side, himalayan scenery, meet and interact with local culture.
The treks covering altitude of 4500m with some longer and shorter walks of 6-7 hrs a day. Moderate treks are with duration of 10 days to 2 weeks in the mountains, suits for people of all ages with good physical fitness.
The trek involves some steep ascents and descents, throughout high passes and involving glacier crossings. Usually you will trek 6 to 8 hours a day. The highest elevation reached is around 5500m & trekking duration can be 2-3 weeks.
This grade will involves the altitude ranges above 5500m to 6000m plus with 7 hrs of walking a day. It covering very remote areas, walking over snow covered high passes with the need of climbing equipment.
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